DIG 1.1 Reasoners API, April 26, 2004 (12:45 PM)

DIG 1.1 Reasoners API

DIG 1.1 Reasoners API.


DIG 1.1 XMLBeans (generated)


DIG 1.1 Reasoners
org.kr.dl.dig.reasoner Generic DIG reasoner package.
org.kr.dl.dig.reasoner.v1_1 DIG 1.1 reasoner interfaces.
org.kr.dl.dig.reasoner.v1_1.impl Implementations of the DIG 1.1 reasoner interfaces.


DIG 1.1 Reasoners API. It is based on a standardised XML interface to Description Logics systems developed by the DL Implementation Group (DIG).

The API allows Java programs to communicate with DIG 1.1 reasoners. It uses an XMLBeans API automatically derived from the DIG 1.1 XML schema using Apache Foundation's XMLBeans. These DIG XMLBeans can be used to (efficiently!) parse, validate, create, and manipulate XML documents conforming to the DIG 1.1 XML schema.

Downloads of schema and source available from the DIG Sourceforge website.


S. Bechhofer, The DIG Description Logic Interface: DIG/1.1, Proceedings of DL2003 Workshop, Rome, June 2003.

Daniele Turi

DIG 1.1 Reasoners API, April 26, 2004 (12:45 PM)